Fruit Specialities

fruit specialities

Besides preparations we also offer fruit specialities like frozen fruits and fruit purees & coulis for a lot of different applications. Together with AGRANA's daughter company Dirafrost it is possible to offer customized and innovative solutions for the food industry, distributors, retailers, and the food service market.

Product portfolio fruit specialities

We develop creative and premium quality fruit speciality solutions together with our customers for a broad range of applications.

frozen fruit

Our portfolio of frozen fruit solutions includes:

  • IQF (individually quick frozen) fruits as cubes, chunks, slices, segments, etc.
  • Fruit mixes
  • Frozen smoothie portions
  • Deco fruit (coated fruits and fruit discs)

The frozen fruit portfolio is provided by AGRANA's daughter company Dirafrost. For more information on frozen fruit solutions, please visit:

 fruit puree & coulis

Our product portfolio of fruit speciality products also includes fruit purees and fruit coulis:

Fruit purees:

  • available with and without sugar, with and without seeds
  • over 20 different fruit flavors
  • processed with mild thermal treatment to preserve the fruit's natural color and taste
  • for production of artisan ice cream, sorbets, pastry, desserts and drinks

Fruit coulis:

  • very high fruit content, up to 86%
  • constant taste and color
  • perfect viscosity to decorate ice creams and desserts

application of fruit specialities

Our fruit specialities can be applied in a wide range of applications and market segments.


Frozen Fruit

Fruit Puree & Coulis

Bakery products
(pies, cakes, tartlets, etc.)



Ice cream

Ice cream
incl. sorbets

Bakery (esp. pastries)




solutions for other market segments

Besides fruit specialities we also offer customized products for the following market segments: